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There is no denying consumer-grade file sharing and synchronization apps like Dropbox have caught on with business users.  But these apps lack the rigorous security controls and centralized administration and management of enterprise-class IT solutions. 

Your users have computers at work, computers at home, smartphones, and tablets. Using websites and unmanaged apps, they can access their personal data, at any time, from any of these devices—and they’re likely doing the same with confidential or sensitive enterprise files.

Free file synchronization apps promise a hassle-free solution to many, but prove to be an immense challenge to those in charge of IT and security.  These consumer-class services put enterprises at risk for data leaks, security attacks, and regulatory compliance violations. 

Download this whitepaper, to learn:

  • The risks of consumer-grade file sharing and synchronization applications 
  • Recent high-profile Dropbox security exposures
  • Requirements for implementing enterprise-class file sharing and synchronization


Beyond Dropbox
Requirements for Enterprise Class Secure File Sharing and Synchronization

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