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The Rewards & Risks of Enterprise Mobility
GigaOm Pro

The productivity gains that are uniquely enabled by the cloud and mobile also present significant enterprise security challenges. Valuable and private data stored on mobile devices presents potential nightmare scenarios for departments and teams using the technology as well as CIOs, CSOs, and IT managers. This research report by GigaOm Pro will outline the importance of balancing the advantages and risk of increasing enterprise mobility.  Real world examples from Accellion customers Seattle Children’s Hospital, New Zealand Law Society, Global Partners, and London Borough of Camden, will help illustrate the need for today’s enterprise to:

 • Provide employees and partners with solutions that are simple, intuitive, functional, and fast.

• Refocus on balancing the tasks of protecting company data while driving efficiency through new technology and services.

• Collaborate with and co-opt users into risk-management practices will lead to operational efficiencies, competitive advantages, and lowered risk.

• Provide  mobile access to documents locked behind the firewall.

• Closely manage the challenge of data mobility facilitated by new technology.

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