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Managing Growth and Driving Down Costs for Microsoft SharePoint

About Accellion

Accellion, Inc. provides mobile solutions to enterprise organizations that enable increased business productivity while ensuring compliance. The leading provider of private cloud solutions for secure mobile file sharing, Accellion offers organizations the scalability, flexibility, and control to enable a mobile workforce with the tools they need to work securely, wherever. 

This Osterman Research white paper presents the results of a market research survey conducted during late July 2013 with 129 organizations that have already deployed SharePoint.  

SharePoint-enabled organizations anticipate that three-quarters of their employees will use SharePoint by 2014.  

However, SharePoint is not without its problems:

• Adoption is lagging in some organizations as users continue to opt for older processes or alternatives to SharePoint to get their work done.
• Some organizations are not adequately educating their users about how to use the platform to its full advantage.
• Many organizations are not archiving content or otherwise managing it adequately to ensure that they can meet all of their compliance and other obligations.  

The result is that SharePoint is not fully optimized in many organizations.  Learn how to manage growth and drive down costs for Sharepoint.

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