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More than 2,000 enterprise organizations have chosen Accellion to:
  Improve mobile productivity with secure creation, editing, and printing of documents
  Enable mobile users to share files and collaborate anytime, anywhere
  Enable private file sharing capabilities for project teams, virtual data rooms, and deal rooms
  Replace FTP with robust private cloud file sharing deployment option
  Manage permissions and reporting of sensitive information to address compliance and privacy risks

Make the Switch to Accellion

A recent story detailed why it's time to replace Box:
1) Box denied user account access
2) Box rolled an existing account to an unrelated third party
3) Box deleted account information without user authorization
This story highlights a very important security reality: when individuals or organizations turn their data over to a public cloud service, they are doing just that: turning over control.
If your organization needs a trusted file sharing partner, Accellion is ready to step up to the plate.
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